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Ask Johnny Depp a Question at The Lone Ranger Q&A

Clickonline writes: "Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, along with director GoreVerbinski and Producer Jerry Bruckheimer will be fielding questions on the film online from 9pm GMT on Wednesday the 17th of April. Viewers will be able to submit questions using the embedded site below or on Twitter with the hashtag #LONERANGER."

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alycakes1865d ago

I have seen the tv spots and the trailers and I think it's going to do really well. Aside from it being a western, Johnny Depp will of course bring in his fans but the movie itself will be good because I think they did a good job in the writing and directing too.

Sahil1856d ago

Why do this movie Johnny, it isn't that interesting? Why?

aDDicteD1856d ago

favorite question i saw would be; johnny what kind of research you do for the role?, probably the same as before, but seriously johnny will deliver as a supporting role for this film.