More Set Photos Of Peter And Gwen On The Set Of The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Shooting in the ever-busy mass transit park known as Union Square, plenty of NYC onlookers were on hand last night to see Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone shooting for Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man sequel.

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Crazay1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Uhhh....Pete...What are you doing? LOL

Looks like gwen was left high and dry by an emergency and shes not too happy.

aDDicteD1824d ago

one of the things that the amazing spiderman film did well is the positive chemistry between the two lead stars and obviously in the pictures the second film will still get good parts of that.

Sahil1819d ago

Still don't think he fits the role. Toby Maguire was more suited to the Spiderman role.

aDDicteD1819d ago

i agree Tobey maguire was the better spiderman basing solely on the first film. he is more nerdy looking and his voice is perfect but i dont know if andrew can improve overtime to be better, physically andrew is a better spiderman but other intangible factors are inclined to tobey's favor.