6 Summer 2013 Movies Set For Massive Success

Suck My Trend - There are things that are synonymous with summer including music festivals, holidays abroad, trips to the beach, and (hopefully) better weather. Something else that always seems inevitable are massive blockbuster movies as studios know that many people will be on holiday, especially students, so they can maximise profit.

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aDDicteD1888d ago

the 6 movies mentioned are really the top anticipated movies this year and will make tons of profits financially, but critically is another topic and among the 6, world war z might not wow the critics. pacific rim, ironman or man of steel might end up head to head to be the most successful movie of the year.

Sahil1880d ago

Just saw Iron man 3 last night, it was amazing!

aDDicteD1879d ago

they forgot about fast and furious 6, this film also has a large fan base comparable to kick ass and pacific rim and can easily slightly make more money than the two mentioned.