The Following: "Havenport": IGN Review

The Following ran us through another rudimentary "cat and mouse" episode, where, for the second time in as many weeks, the FBI and Joe's followers converged on the same target with deadly results. But then, the last five to ten minutes threw us for a loop, giving us some nice, bloody surprises including Joe getting stabbed by Claire and McDonovan getting attacked and stabbed in the eye by a surrendering acolyte.

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alycakes1893d ago

This was actually the best episode I have seen in a while. It was smart and the FBI didn't look stupid like they usually do. They played their hand a little different and came out ahead for a change.

Sahil1887d ago

I was skeptical about Bates but after the second episode, it got me hooked. Buut about Hannibal, the first episode is meh havent seen the rest, but I am going to wait and see if it gets renewed before watching anymore