Bates Motel: "Ocean View": IGN Review

We're at the midway point in Season 1 of Bates Motel, and my overall take away is that it's best to simply strap in, and enjoy the ride. Sure, there have been sizable leaps in logic along the way, an occasionally schizophrenic tone and a tendency to get a little "on the nose," but fundamentally, this show is a good time to watch.

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alycakes1890d ago

This is getting so strange but I guess it has to considering the life he ends up living.

aDDicteD1880d ago

another nice episode from bates motel, i cant help but compare bates motel and hemlock grove because i am currently watching both the series, between the two and i think bates motel is better slightly but significantly, although bates motel is still not finished so i just based it up to the midway point, there might be a chance that the season finale of bates motel might be not as good as its opening. so i guess time will tell.