Independent Cinema - Trance Review

Independent Cinema writes: During the 90′s, Danny Boyle was one of the masterminds behind the resurgence of British film. Filmmakers from the likes of Nicolas Roeg, John Schlesinger and Ken Loach had originally brought honest stories from a land of struggle and workmanship to the forefront of world cinema and gave Great Britain a reason to be proud to be who they were. During an arguable lull in the 80′s, British cinema came back with a vengeance with Danny Boyle’s Hitchcock-ian debut, Shallow Grave. A story of three roommates who are thrown into a dilemma when a briefcase full of money is thrust their way. The simplicity of its idea and concept let the theme of the film come forward and tell the story through simple character actions and a slowly paced plot. Within a few years, Boyle released the film that put him on the map, Trainspotting. A film of drugs and maturity, (or lack thereof) this movie was an influence to films all the way to our current day and age. After a few middling films (A Life Less Ordinary, The Beach) some underappreciated gems, (Sunshine!) and much more recent oscar bait-y dramas; (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours) we come to the mindbending thriller presented before us.

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