The New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer is Here


Paramount Pictures has brought online the new trailer for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness which you can watch using the player below! Also, be sure to check out description of the footage we saw at CinemaCon by clicking here. And you can click on the new Captain James T. Kirk poster below for a bigger version in the gallery.

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MilkMan1774d ago

Well, count me in.
To bad J.J. is leaving for Star Wars. He needs to be at the helm of these movies.
Thanks J.J. for bring it back.

Crazay1773d ago

Holy crap. That movie is going to be killer. There is NO WAY that's not Khan we're seeing in Cumberbatch. No way at all

Sahil1769d ago

Benedict Cumberbatch + Zachary Quinto = Epic Movie

aDDicteD1768d ago

This film is action filled and more intense than the first film. an absolute must watch.