Electro-fying! Jamie Foxx is Pictured as the Amazing Spider-Man Villain for the First Time


Ever since Jamie Foxx was cast as Maxwell Dillon, better known to comic-book fans as Electro, in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, fans have been slavering for a look at him in his villainous make up.
That wait is now over, as Foxx was spotted in Times Square on Monday wearing a full face of make up and creepy contact lens.
It was quite the distracting look, and gives us a sense that Electro will be a compelling villain.

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Crazay1896d ago

That's a very unique look at Electro. Should be interesting to see how he's introduced and how they use him. The Makeup effects are pretty damn creepy looking though.

Sahil1895d ago

Jamie Foxx is a good actor and all but (1) Nobody is going to take him serious during the movie, (2) Electro is more of an insane/crazy villain, somebody like Cillian Murphy would be perfect for this role.

Crazay1895d ago

I could see Cillian Murphy rocking out that role only if he didn't already do Scarecrow because everyone would have been making noise about that.

KwietStorm1895d ago

People need to chill out with the not taking him serious thing. Jamie Fox has already played a number a serious roles, and you just said he's a good actor. The mark of a good actor is to make you forget who they are within the role, and bring the character to life. I don't think anyone sees the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire in any Will Smith role.

GameSpawn1895d ago

Something, something, he's the freakin' emperor, something, something, darkside...

Seriously, does anyone else not think this?

OSIRUSSS1896d ago

I always thought you could defeat electro by throwing a bucket of water on him?

Ryasha1895d ago

Going with the Ultimate look I see. Cool cool....the regular ol' green and yellow is too cartoonish/laughable when translated to the real world anyway.

LoneWolf0191895d ago

yea not alot of people know this look and are mad about it. Lol comic noobs.

aDDicteD1895d ago

finally they give us a look of him and his costume, I got to say it's quite unique and surprising. I was predicting that it will have a yellow and green costume design.

StarWarsFan1895d ago

The make-up looks awesome. But is this really his final costume? It looks more like a disguise of some sort.

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The story is too old to be commented.