First TV Spot For Pacific Rim: Watch Now

Pacific Rim has released a first official TV spot online in which Idris Elba leads Earth's last line of defence against alien invasion.

The film is set on an Earth that has largely been lost to a race of monstrous creatures known as Kaiju, with humankind's last remaining hopes resting upon giant weaponised robots called Jaegars.

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ajax171863d ago

Damn it Guillermo! Just make Hellboy 3 already! The cast aren't getting any younger!

aDDicteD1857d ago

lol, that's true. I like the first 2 hellboy movies and i would certainly like to have a part 3.

aDDicteD1854d ago

guillermo del toro is one of the best visionary directors of this generation, several of his films easily became my favorite like hellboy, pans labyrinth and orphanage. however this film looks strong enough to top his previous works. i hope the overall product will be as good as the trailer.