[The Nerd Cabinet] Game of Thrones – Season 3, Episode 3 Review (‘The Walk of Punishment)

I feel like this is becoming some kind of recurrent clichéd axiom of my Game of Thrones reviews, but this episode, again, was amazing. Every second was enticing and interesting. Some of the characters were thrown into horrible situations that threatened their very lives, whilst others were simply thrown into awkward (and funny) social situations that threatened their dignity. There was one thing that I found slightly annoying, but that cannot be helped. It was that the show just seems too damn short to include all the amazing things from the book. Other than that, though, ‘flawless’ is the word I would use to describe this episode.

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Sahil1882d ago

I thought the walk of punishment would be about *a***'s wedding with someone but she's wasn't in the spoiler so i guess i'm wrong .