First Glimpse Of Patrick Stewart As Professor X In New X-Men: Days Of Future Past Pic


Director Bryan Singer has Tweeted another production snap from the set of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and this time he's given us a look at a returning Patrick Stewart -- seemingly standing in a new costume -- as Professor Charles Xavier.

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RetrospectRealm1895d ago

Lul. At first I assumed the cover photo was the 'First Glimpse'. Either way, cool.

ps3_pwns1894d ago

so is this still before the school of xmen or what?

Crazay1894d ago

I think it's a combination of both

DarkBlood1894d ago

well the ending of first class appeared to be like it was getting started so it may still be a long ways off but at the same time picking up speed so i like to think its during development of the school

if you know what i mean

ironfist921892d ago

so James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart are BOTH in this film?

I wonder how Bryan intends to tie First Class to X-Men Origins Wolverine.

aDDicteD1891d ago

there is one major discrepancy in first class and x men origins: wolverine. both films included emma frost (white queen) and represented her both in opposite ways. in first class she was a villain and in origins she was one of the students rescued. i dont think the 2 movies could ever be tied.

aDDicteD1891d ago

i hope from hereon they will just continue the story arc of first class and the old x men trilogy to be intended as a different alternate universe and never to be touched again. although the first two x men directed by singer was very good it really suffered devastatingly when they released x men last stand.