Black Guys Always Die in Horror? Here Are 20 That Survived

Best Horror Movies says "Ever get tired of hearing about how the black dude never survives horror? I don’t. It’s become a somewhat humorous genre cliché that aligns some cool surprises from time to time. Sure, plenty of African American males die during the course of a horror film. But when one survives, it invokes the urge to stand up and openly declare victory for horror’s minorities."

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Best-Horror-Movies1861d ago

I was actually surprised that Trey Songz with his star power died in Texas Chainsaw 3D, the women in the audience were booing and many left after his death scene.

Hergula1860d ago

I would expect that out of all people, you "Best-Horror-Movies" would know why they hire well-known musicians or certain celebrities to act in films.

The reason being that most horror film directors know three things.

1. Bigger names will attract more attention, more will likely watch the film.

2. Most horror film directors dislike stupid bimbos (Paris Hilton) and Douchebags (Trey Songz) so they hire them for starpower and kill them in the film just for shi** and giggles.

3. They do it because of point 1 and 2.

Why do you think Justin Bieber got mercilessly killed in CSI?

Like Im not even kidding, most horror movie directors hate celebrities that are known for no reasons and who make themselves look stupid. I mean who wouldnt pay to see a douche or a talentless bimbo get killed viciously on screen?

Hell I watched Texas Chainsaw 3D JUST so I can see Trey get killed... no joke.

RetrospectRealm1861d ago

The only ones I care about though is LL Cool J, Samuel L. Jackson, and Duane Jones. But Duane Jones didn't even live, so he shouldn't be on this list.

aDDicteD1858d ago

same here, funny that he is mentioned but i got to say he's "almost survived" really felt that he deserved some spot or a honorable mentioned in this list.

cleft51861d ago

Dude when LL Cool J and Thomas Jane lived in Deep Blue Sea and the female love interest died that blew my mind. Because of that this is easily one of my favorite movies.

RE_L_MAYER1861d ago

Lol I still remember my mom was like WTF just happened)))) ll cool j happened

dennett3161860d ago

She initially was set to survive, but test audiences actively hated her character and so they re-shot the movie to have her die.

aDDicteD1859d ago

i thought she would have survive because a man and woman survivors are more likely in a thriller movie instead of 2 dudes.

cyclindk1861d ago

Deep Blue Sea wasn't a horror movie, but it WAS horrible and since Samuel L. Jackson was "consumed" in the same movie in which LL Cool J survived, they cancel each other out.

T3MPL3TON 1860d ago

They forgot to mention that the only reason, LL Cool J survived was because he told them he wouldn't do the movie if he died.

KwietStorm1860d ago

Is that true? I mean I wouldn't be surprised, but I never heard that before.

aDDicteD1858d ago

Wow, He's quite demanding.

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