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Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Visionary director Terrence Malick returns just two short years after The Tree of Life to tell another grand story, only this time focusing on relationships, love and the meaning of forgiveness. To the Wonder has been said to be Malick’s “Tree of Love” reaction to The Tree of Life, but aside from his trademark visuals, the film is much more distant and empty. To the Wonder is Malick’s weakest effort yet, blending together middling performances with beautiful locations. The film never quite adds up to anything more than a Malick demo reel of footage."

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Sahil1854d ago

There are those who will get it and there will be those who won't. There are bigger ideas here, bigger questions to ask, more beauty and mystery if you just remove yourself from your preconceptions and how a movie "should be". Look closely and you will find meaning and purpose behind To The Wonder and it is a profound one. The same with The Tree of Life. A certain maturity and spiritual awareness is needed when watching a Malick film. Open your eyes and ears and experience the wonders of life.