Elysium - Trailer Analysis

Metal Arcade: Zach Kircher writes:

We take a closer look at the trailer for Elysium, the new film from the director of District 9 starring Matt Damon.

I always love to see films with original ideas hit theaters, and it looks like Neill Blomkamp is delivering the goods once again with Elysium.

For those of you unfamiliar with his work, he was originally slated to direct the Halo film adaptation with Peter Jackson- which fell through, but at least he still made the great short Halo: Landfall. He also wrote and directed District 9, which proved to be massive critical and commercial success, also leading to four Oscar nominations (Best Picture, Editing, Visual Effects and Adapted Screenplay). With Elysium, lightning may well strike twice- the trailer shows promise, creativity and superb visuals.

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Hergula1864d ago

It was a nice read, but barely an analysis, more like an opinion about the trailer. I hope that it would be more in-depth, well written though.