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[The Nerd Cabinet] Game of Thrones – Season 3, Episode 2 Review (‘Dark Wings, Dark Words’)

This episode was, if this is even possible, better than the last. Although I was slightly disappointed at the decrease in screen-time for the best character of the show (Tyrion btw) the action-packed sequence with Brienne and Jaime more than made up for it, as did the very well-acted scenes involving Meera and Jojen Reed, who were introduced into the show in a very interesting way. The interplay between Sansa, Margaery and Joffrey was also very interesting—Margaery is quickly developing into a cunning and complex character. The land north of the wall was focused on less than in last episode, but the fantasy element of the show was addressed with Jon’s introduction to the ‘wargs’ (people who can transfer their consciousness into animals’ and control them). Also, we got to saw Tulisa and Catelyn have a conversation, and as a result we see the latter’s character develop in complexity.

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