Michael Bay Says Transformers 4 is a "Chase From Hell"

ComingSoon: '' was in Miami today at the press junket for Michael Bay's latest, Pain & Gain and, while we'll be bringing you exclusive videointerviews with Bay and the cast later this month, we also managed a brief update on the soon-to-shoot Transformers 4.

Since the plot of the June 27 release is still top secret, we asked Bay if there was a simple word or phrase that he could use to tease the sci-fi action adventure.''

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RetrospectRealm1865d ago

I'm still a little worried.

Hergula1865d ago

I think that it cant get any worse than the third Transformers film.

ajax171865d ago

Just go away, Michael Bay.

aDDicteD1861d ago

as a action director i have no complains against micheal bay he is technically good in an entertainment standpoint, but how i wished he also cuts some cheesiness and add overall quality to the film such as a straightforward plot, witty dialogue and some unpredictable scenes.

Sahil1856d ago

Michael Bay, please stop.