‘Cujo’ Remake Goes Into Production This Year

Best Horror Movies says "Stephen King’s wallet continues to get a bit fatter as the days progress. He’s got two new novels – "Joyland" and "Doctor Sleep" – tapped for release this year; Under the Dome is headed to television, a cinematic transfer of The 10 O’clock People is in the works, the new Carrie reboot arrives theatrically in October and now another King classic will be fine-tuned for today’s audience. A ne rendition of Cujo heads into production this year"

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Best-Horror-Movies1897d ago

This could be really good. The original freaked me out.

aDDicteD1896d ago

i remember the original when i was a kid, i liked that movie but i was disappointed that even how good the movie is it flew under the radar compared to other stephen kings horror movies. a movie with a monsterous mutated dog that has his dog loyalty intact is a captivating movie, its sad to think of it and its not a frightening movie because you will side with the dog.

LOL_WUT1896d ago

Please no CGI keep it real to the franchise.

Crazay1896d ago

fun fact, the scene where Cujo is trying to get at them in the car and they show a dog on his hind quarters was actually a Great Dane with a costume on.

RetrospectRealm1896d ago

Original was so awesome. Really hoping they do good with this.