Should The Avengers Assemble Again In Phase Three?


Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn't officially begin until May 3rd's Iron Man 3 but lets analyze how much we know about Marvel's Phase Three. Is there room for Black Panther?

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Crazay1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Obviously...Why shouldn't they?

One series I'd actually LOVE is to see a Tomb of Dracula movie franchise launched. I loved that comic and have even gotten myself on the right path to having every issue.

RetrospectRealm1893d ago

Yes, they should assemble at the end of each phase for the finale.

Deku-Johnny1892d ago

They should keep making Avengers films as long as they can keep it fresh. I'd quite happily go see The Avengers 10 as long as they could make it different to the other 9.

aDDicteD1890d ago

i agree, phase 3 will surely be fresh because it will have characters such as the ant-man and doctor strange and of course a new villain. The character list are endless and that alone makes it new and different.

aDDicteD1890d ago

what kind of a good question is that? of course they would assemble i think they will just add up more heroes or even crossover with other marvel movies like x men, spiderman etc. has anyone seen astonishing x men that was wrote by joss whedon? i think they would follow that vision in which marvel heroes will eventually intertwine.