Why Do Women Survive Horror Films, but Men Don’t?

Best Horror Movies says "From time to time horror discussions with the wife prove enlightening. Note that I said from time to time. The typical exchange leads to frustration and drastically opposed viewpoints. That’s okay, that’s a part of life and the luxury of opinions. However, in those rare moments when the convo turns compelling, you’ve got to sit back and soak up the moment. Hell, even the most educated horror buffs out there stand to learn a lesson or two."

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Best-Horror-Movies2076d ago

It's interesting to see how cultural norms make there way into movies.

AsimLeonheart2075d ago

I think it is gender discrimination and sexism against men! We men should fight to free ourselves from this oppression by the fairer sex! Long live Masculinism! :-)

snp2075d ago

I prefer 'meninism'. lol.

Trunkz Jr2074d ago

More like why does the Dog always live...

Crazay2076d ago

Cause we'll always "Be right back" and if all the women die, there will be no more boobs to look at...mystery solved

Hergula2075d ago

The horror movie scene is a man-made world for a big break for women to get into the film industry very easily. Another thing is that many writers and directors of horror movies are horny bastards... making so that they like to see women run in the forest completely nude and nearly killed whenever they encounter the "killer".

Not only that but my question would be, why to all the ethnic people always die in Horror movies? Like it´s ridiculous.

Crazay2075d ago

Cause it's awesome like that...(?) LOL

Mystery solved again...Next!

Hergula2075d ago

mmmm, well if you consider the fact that 90 percent of all horror movies are pathetic... then yes, its awesome :D (sarcasm)

aDDicteD2075d ago

a woman lone survivor i think appeals more which probably made famous by young sigourney weaver in her underwears in the final moments in alien. but sometimes there are also men survivors like kurt russel in the classic sci fi horror the thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.