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The 15 Best Heist Movies, From Drive To The Town To RocknRolla

Vancouver Sun: ''Everybody loves a good heist film: the meticulous planning, the exotic locales, the attractively criminal minds at work, the fatal, unseeable complication that will trip them all up or (in the more sophisticated examples) force them to improvise an even smarter solution.

To mark the opening this week of Danny Boyle’s Trance — art thieves, a stolen painting, a hypnotherapist, James McAvoy — Postmedia writers Chris Knight, Katherine Monk, Jay Stone, and Bob Thompson look at some of their favourite movie capers.''

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aDDicteD1863d ago

i havent seen most of the list aforementioned but ..the town and drive were both absolutely a classic. i did not like inside man that much even if i tried to like it, thomas crown affair remake was pretty decent but not really a strong film.