‘Now You See Me’ Trailer #2: Morgan Freeman Invites You to Look Closer

Slash Film: ''This year is turning out to be a big one for magicians. Last month, Steve Carell and Jim Carrey duked it out as battling Vegas showmen in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, and next month our favorite non-Alliance illusionist Gob Bluth returns for the fourth season of Arrested Development. Then, just a few days after that, Louis Leterrier‘s Now You See Me will demonstrate what happens when magicians apply their special skills to criminal ends.''

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alycakes1840d ago

I think I'm going to like this movie.

Sahil1835d ago

Well, it appears Mark Zuckerberg, Tallahassee, Myrtle Wilson, and a teenage drug dealer are being hunted by the Hulk, a Jewish German WWII-era teenage spy, God, and Alfred Pennyworth. Should be interesting.

aDDicteD1834d ago

the trailer looks spectacular and with a great ensemble cast it looks promising.