14 Of The Greatest Movie Remakes

With the new version of horror classic The Evil Dead topping the charts, WOW247's Mark Butler picks out 14 of the best movie remakes.

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aDDicteD1475d ago

i agree with the list all mentioned were far better than their previous counterparts and its very very difficult to do that. king kong was remaked for 3 times and each remake made it better, dawn of the dead and scarface are the top remakes ive seen.

Hergula1475d ago

Cape Fear... Enough said. Not only is the 1991 version a huge improvement, but it is one of the best films to ever be created and one of my personal favorites, it is easily in my Top 10 fave films of all time.

aDDicteD1474d ago

they forgot to include the remake of the 2003 texas chainsaw massacre. that was also a good horror remake.

Sahil1470d ago

when al pacino gets a good role theres not telling how far he can go with his craft. for example, this movie is over the top, and yet he pulls it off. "The Godfather", "Scent of a woman", Scarface", "The Godfather part II", "Dog Day Afternoon", Serpico. clearly one of the greats. he becomes the character. i got flashbacks of these films when seeing him portrait Phil Spector on HBO recently.