Would a Saul Goodman Breaking Bad Spinoff Work?

Suck My Trend - At least now we know that Saul Goodman isn’t going to die in the finale of Breaking Bad. We can judge this from the fact that news was released today stating that there could be a Breaking Bad spinoff with Saul Goodman was the main character. Whether it will be named “Better Call Saul” is another story.

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Crazay1837d ago

I need to see how it all ends before I start to make any assessments on this concept. Not a bad thought but I'm not too sure that Saul is a strong enough character to carry an entire series.

SouthClaw1837d ago

I think he is strong enough. I would like to see his two guys be included in the show as well they are funny. I think he would have to move city. Do what they did with Frasier move him far enough across the company so that Breaking Bad characters don't just drop by randomly. I think hes the strongest character to do a spin off about.

Mike is another great character but I couldn't see him having his own show and it being different from Breaking Bad. A show about Saul could be a big change from Breaking Bad.

Lets face it the spin off will only work if they keep the same level of writing we have come to expect from Breaking Bad.

Crazay1837d ago

Mike, Jessie or Gus are the only people I could actually see with the shoulders wide enough to carry their own series.

searchbuzz1836d ago

And only one of them remains ;D Of course, unless the spinoff is set in the past before Breaking Bad.

Look at Star Wars. Episode 1 - 3 worked brilliant because they were set before Episode 4 which was the original first one, and episode 3 was super popular. Of course a TV series is rather different. Lot more things to link up than in a 3 hour movie.

Crazay1836d ago


Yes I hear you and I know this but I was thinking more along the lines of them before we meet them. I think Gus and Mike have the most interesting pasts that I would love to learn more about.