Is Spring Breakers Really the Coolest Film of the Year?

Holy Moly: The UK poster for Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers prominently boasts a quote from the Sunday Mirror describing it as the “coolest film of the year”. Not being the Fonz or a 12-year-old boy, a film’s coolness is not our biggest priority. But we were intrigued by the premise of a story that showed the all too close connection between party culture and organised crime. That’s what we were promised. It’s not what was delivered.

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ajax171899d ago

what is this, i don't even

aDDicteD1896d ago

its does not deserve the title most coolest film of the year, thats practically a bad joke. maybe its should have the title most deceiving movie of the year. i know a lot of people are expecting a wild girls gone wild movie with selina gomez and vanessa hudgens, not happening.

Sahil1893d ago

The only thing that was good about this movie was the bwebies and james franco's hilarious performance with suxh catchphrases as 'yall' (he said at least 30 times) and 'look at ma shit' but those shotty noises after about 10 scenes got so annoying...·