The Following: "The Curse": IGN Review

For me, "The Curse" was the best episode of The Following since the pilot. Yes, the violent meet-up between Joe and Ryan felt a bit forced, but their dark conversation, with Joe trying to figure out Ryan's "origin story" felt wonderfully Kevin Williamson-y. It's been a while since we've taken a moment to focus on the meta-crime thriller book that Joe's writing. Back in the premiere episode, this was his big reveal; that Ryan would be the star of his new book and that his failing to save the life of Sarah Fuller was to be his new origin tale. Since then, the show became mostly about rescuing Joey and protecting Claire. Until now.

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alycakes1896d ago

At some point this has to I'm long will this series last? They catch the guy or kill him many years does the FBI want to look incompetent.