Justified: IGN Season 4 Review

Before we start, this season was based on some true events, though the staff apparently didn’t want that known because it took a friend of mine from Kentucky to even vaguely remember something similar happening in Kentucky 30 years prior. You can read more on the tale of Andrew C. Thornton II here.

OK. Season 4. Where to begin?

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alycakes1839d ago

It was great...I like the way they bring in the story and how it developes their characters little by little. This one had a twist to it and I enjoyed the chase too.

SouthClaw1838d ago

Every season gets better and better. This one went with a whole new idea of not having the "big bad" and had a number of different stories that came together so you couldn't guess where the season was going / who the main bad person was. It was once again fantastic writing.

Another season gone and I am gutted that its the 13 episode length but it was all good quality. I hope Justified goes on for a long time it is one of my most loved shows.

alycakes1838d ago

Yes, I agree. I wonder if we would enjoy it as much if it was one of those full season shows.

Sahil1832d ago

The fact is, this show has characters to fall back on, even when the storytelling gets rough. I did not find that to be the case with this season of The Walking Dead. Justified remains great, even when it fails to deliver on some aspects. Awesome show, good season.