The Playlist Review: '42'

The Playlist:
Destiny swings a big stick in Brian Helgeland's "42." It underlines every pivotal moment of Jackie Robinson's career captured in the two hour film, often working as baggage keeping the film earthbound, at times making it unnecessarily weighty. It's also probably the major reason why a number of mainstream critics will wag a finger at this unapologetic, old-fashioned hero yarn seemingly stitched from the similarly modest DNA of 1950's "The Jackie Robinson Story." What seems like a high fidelity to history is actually an acknowledgement and deep respect, the kind most modern filmmakers and viewers would likely find alien.

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alycakes1892d ago

This will be on my 'see' list for sure.

aDDicteD1884d ago

im not into baseball movies, i saw several baseball movies and the only ones i liked was field of dreams with kevin costner and moneyball starring brad pitt. i might watch this because i heard good reviews and it is based on a real person and movies now are more serious and less cheesy like in the 80's or 90's baseball movies, plus harrison ford is in it.