Jim Carrey to Star in Summit Comedy 'Ricky Stanicky'

The Hollywood Reporter: "Jim Carrey is coming in to resuscitate the Summit comedy Ricky Stanicky. The comedian has signed on to star in Stanicky, which is being produced by Michael De Luca and Smart Entertainment's John Jacobs."

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RetrospectRealm1899d ago

Hoping this will be good... know this will be bad...

StarWarsFan1899d ago

I really want to see Jim Carrey in an amazing comedy again. Often the material can fail him, but he's still an outstanding performer. I think Burt Wonderstone would have even been better if it was him leading the movie on his own with his character.

Hergula1898d ago

JIm Carrey seems to be back on track, Burt Wonderstone was a good film that showed that he still has what it takes, hopefully his upcoming films are funny enough.

aDDicteD1898d ago

once kick ass 2 kick in the theaters i think jim carreys career will be momentarily come back to life and he should take the opportune moment to get more projects. i miss the golden comedic years of carrey when he did ace ventura and the mask. he is also capable of delivering unique movies such as the one when he starred alongside kate winslet.

Sahil1892d ago

Sounds good. Love Jim Carrey!