Check Out This Amazing Zombie Short Film

Here’s one for you to check out. Zombies are all the rage nowadays. I love them as well. Though, admittedly, it’s a bit hard to find a fresh take on the genre as it’s flooded with more and more movies. But here we have a very interesting one.

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aDDicteD1859d ago

i agree, the concept was really good

Sahil1864d ago

The part that made me cry? The fact that they gave him a burial. That....that was very moving. It showed they understood and didn't just pass him off as just "another unfortunate soul". He was this child's FATHER, and the measures he took to keep her safe despite his situation was clear to them.

aDDicteD1859d ago

One of the best short film i have seen. kinda reminds me of the walking dead video game by telltales.

RetrospectRealm1859d ago

@Your Other Comment That Wouldn't Give Me A Reply Button For Some Reason --- I was making a reference to the title since it said 'amazing'.

aDDicteD1859d ago

haha..oh I see ^_^, well it is an amazing short story and it doesn't need any dialogue for it to be one.