Anne Hathaway To Star With Matthew McConaughey in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’

DEADLINE: Anne Hathaway is near a deal to star with Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar, the next film that Christopher Nolan will direct. This is a heckuva follow up to Les Miserables, for which Hathaway won the Academy Award. It also reunites her with Nolan, after she last year played the Selina/Catwoman role in Nolan’s Batfinale The Dark Knight Rises. McConaughey is also enjoying a resurgence fueled by his Independent Spirit Award-winning turn in Magic Mike, and several other pics.

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Hergula1872d ago

I hope that she will not disappoint.

RetrospectRealm1871d ago

YES. Now I hope we see either Caine (I think he was already confirmed), Bale, Hardy, or maybe Levitt.

aDDicteD1871d ago

chris nolan made a good decision picking anne hathaway as catwoman even when she received immmediate doubts about her taking up an iconic character and at the end she did well. i guess nolan easily recognize the range of talent anne has and it is no a brainer to sign her for another movie. i think she is the only actress as to date that nolan utilized well because nolan is more famous in directing male stars such as guy pierce, heath ledger and joseph gordon levitt.

Sahil1869d ago

Christopher Nolan's previous movies have usually been written with a realistic sript, and a realistic story (with the exception of inception, the prestige, etc.). Hell he truly made made it seem like Batman could be a real life character. So it'll be interesting to see the tone he uses in a sci-fi setting