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“I am Iron Man” Trailer 3 Released for Iron Man 3

Like most people I’m pretty hyped up to see Iron Man 3 and you should expect a full 3 person review on that movie, in this trailer we have some new shots of Iron Man and Iron Patriot and a few from the Mandarin, the movie looks to be freaking awesome so we can do nothing more but to wait to watch it.

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Hergula1706d ago

I am so watching this when it gets released, Im sure itll be awesome.

RetrospectRealm1706d ago

One of the best trailers yet! Going to see this at midnight!

Crazay1705d ago

I'm all over this movie but I won't be doing any midnight shows for it. Superman, on the other hand, you better trust that I'm going to be there.

RetrospectRealm1705d ago

I usually go to all superhero films at midnight since I'm a big comic book fan.

aDDicteD1703d ago

Same here. Man of Steel has a day 1 must watch film feel. And everybody knows that it will be epic! ^_^

Sahil1704d ago

I love that shot with iron patriot/war machine!

aDDicteD1703d ago

Nice trailer. I think this is going to be as good as the first ironman and may be even better.