Sports Entertainment Weekly: Wrestlemania Results

The Geek Link writes - Wrestlemania has come and gone, and what a Wrestlemania it was… in that it was very formulaic and boring.If you recall my WWE Wrestlemania XXVIIII predictions from a week ago, I finished 5-4. Hey, I’ll admit when I was wrong (but mostly right). I guess I was too optimistic. With a card that predictable, I guess I thought the WWE had to do something interesting. However, I forgot this was the WWE, who really doesn’t need to be exciting anymore. So what happened this year? Let’s run down the list.

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RetrospectRealm1539d ago

We need a Newsboiler site dedicated to all sports. I know this is considered Television, but I feel it's out of place.

aDDicteD1538d ago

It would be good to have one, specially if it's dedicated to nba, ufc, etc.

Hergula1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

That´s not all though, Newsboiler should also have a website for Music News, Like I am still wondering how they have a soccer site, and a tech site, but no music site.

RetrospectRealm1537d ago

YES. A music site and a sports site. LETS DO IT.

aDDicteD1537d ago

Great idea. A music newsboiler will be well supported for sure. let's hope that happens.

Hergula1537d ago

I´m all for that happening, Lets hope that someday (very very soon) our dreams will come true ;)

aDDicteD1539d ago

good description and all the match analysis were exactly as i would have descibe it, i was dissappointed to know that there was suppose to be a match involving rhodes scholar vs tons of funk that was cancelled, i was like, that could be better than watching fandango getting an upset win over jericho. the match between miz and barret should also have been more favored than other matches.

Sahil1533d ago

Disappointing that rock didn't win.