Matt Damon Geared Up on First 'Elysium' Poster + Trailer Tomorrow

The original first look photos from Elysium, the new sci-fi, sophomore effort from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp, already introduced us to Matt Damon with some sort of biotech on his body, not to mention seeing our first look at Sharlto Copley and Alice Braga in the film. Now promotion for the release this August is in full swing as the first poster has arrived. It's simple and just gives us a different angle on Damon in his weird sci-fi gear, like some kind of crazy, futuristic Jason Bourne. Stay tuned for our reaction to footage from the film shown around the world today and see the first trailer tomorrow.

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Hergula1870d ago

Seems like a solid action flick.

alycakes1870d ago

This is one I'm waiting to does look like it's going to be good and also a little different.

aDDicteD1861d ago

i hope the director re creates his district 9 success with this movie. matt damon always delivers with his strong on screen presence.