The Best And Worst Of WrestleMania 29

Metal Arcade: Terrance Pryor writes:

Who made WrestleMania 29 worth watching, and who made us want to turn it off?

WWE's WrestleMania 29 is in the books, and it's time to look at the best and the worst Superstars and Divas from this extravagant wrestling event.

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aDDicteD1839d ago

gone are the good old days when wrestlemania had 90% of good matches and 10% forgettable matches. now, its the opposite. the only good match i think was punk vs taker. there are 2 matches that could have been great; hhh vs lesnar and team hell no vs ziggler, well, the other matches were like forced and isnt wrestlemania quality, more like monday night raw.

Hergula1839d ago

Agreed, I loved Wrestlemania´s back in the day but now the excitement level in general is very low. I still remember th legendary moments and why they were so epic. yet these days it seems like Wrestling has gone down hill...a lot... especially after people started quitting because it became too PG... which I can understand.

Eddie Guerrero R.I.P.

aDDicteD1835d ago

exactly, it became to PG, those superstars really more on the safety now and i dont see anyones face bleeding profusely like ric flair, hbk etc. no dangerous barb wire matches with mick foley the cage match are well rehersed and nothing happens before people make dangerous risk like diving straight to your opponent 30 ft high in a cage or ladder.

MetalArcade1839d ago

I agree, they're rarely even worth buying on DVD for 15 bucks now.

aDDicteD1838d ago

Yup, It's not advisable to own a copy, It's a one time watch.

Hergula1834d ago

Agreed, Even one of my fave wrestlers quit because it became too pg, Batista.

Sahil1836d ago

Wow, that ending where rock shake hands with Cena and goes all giggity giggity with him, Kill me WWE please kill me.

aDDicteD1836d ago

gone are the days when the superstars of wwe were very competitive to the point that they hate to lose to their rivals such as matches between bret hart and micheals

Sahil1832d ago

I'd alos think they should add Money in the bank to wrestlemania, it isn't fun anymore.