Avatar 2 To Have Underwater Performance Capture

With how much news we've been getting on Avatar 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc, it's hard to think if a sequel will ever actually get out of production, let alone pre-production, or become the Duke Nuken: Forever of film. Anyways, Jon Landau, one of the producers for the series spoke out giving us some more juicy news.

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ajax171867d ago

A stoner film for the ages!

Hergula1866d ago

Awesome, cant wait to see what they will be able to pull off.

Crazay1866d ago

Didn't think that that was "News" considering Cameron talked about this what seems like ages ago.

Sahil1864d ago

I cant explain how much i loved Avatar. I cannot wait for the second one to hit theatres. its a really long wait, but i hope he isn't rushing it, because there r spme really high expectations, and if he doesnt reach them, then its all over.

aDDicteD1857d ago

I'm so excited to this sequel. Avatar was one of my favorite movies and I'm expecting a lot out of this sequel. cant wait!