Captain America: The Winter Soldier First Photo Revealed as Production Begins

Captain America: The Winter Soldier begins production today, and along with this pensive behind-the-scenes photo, Marvel Studios has declassified a few new details about the upcoming sequel.
While the 2011 original was set during World War II, the sequel — as expected — takes place largely in the present day following the events of last summer’s The Avengers. And for those unfamiliar with comic book lore, the subtitle refers not to a snowbound Chris Evans, but to a villainous bio-engineered warrior created from a familiar figure we’ve seen before in the hero’s past (more on that later.)

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Hergula1871d ago

I for one didn´t find the first Captain America film, that was released in 2011, to be all that great as many made it out to be, It actually fell flat inmo. But the sequel looks incredible, I mean the story, the pictures and the small glimpses of artwork that have been released, Im sure that the sequel will be a lot better.

wishingW3L1871d ago

let's be real. To me the first one was a 4/10 at most.

Hergula1871d ago

I fully agree, I do not know how people thought it was a well executed project in any way shape or form.

I would also give it like a 2/5 or possibly 2.5/5

Sahil1868d ago

The suit is awesome, it is better than the dark knight suit. I believe Chris is a good Captain America, he like the Robert Downey jr of his character to me.

aDDicteD1867d ago

this sequel will be more intriguing. i hope it delivers because cap is the leader of the avengers and for him to have dull storylines would put his character to shame compared to the far becoming more popular iron man and thor.