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Star Trek: Into Darkness 34 Minute Preview

Clickonline writes "Today, I watched 34 minutes of Star Trek: Into Darkness.
(And about 70 seconds of J.J. Abrams promising sexy new 3D techniques...)

28 of these minutes were consecutive. They represented the film’s opening half hour. A duo of 2-3 minute scenes followed: Money shots essentially. But I’m going to make you wait for those!"

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Crazay1868d ago

I dunno whose butt you had to kiss to get into this but I am severely jealous of you at this exact moment.

Hergula1868d ago

Awesome stuff, nothing more needs to be said.

aDDicteD1867d ago

ill rather watch the movie completely than watch it early but only until the middle, its so anti climatic.

Sahil1865d ago

an't wait for this!! Cumberbatch is the man!! Check him out in Sherlock. Awesome!