8 Of The Greatest Post Apocalyptic Movies

New sci-fi blockbuster Oblivion takes place on a desolate, futuristic Earth left in ruins following a catastrophic conflict – but there have been plenty of other gripping films set in the aftermath of Armageddon.

WOW247 takes a look at eight of the best.

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Derekvinyard131840d ago

Good list never saw delicatessen

aDDicteD1840d ago

is the matrix post apocalyptic? i thought the concept of it is about the real world and the not real world that was why he was given a choice.

Sahil1836d ago

Matrix tops it for me.

Being hunted by Agents, police, white brothers, dodging bullets while diving into opposite direction in a busy highway, with a old man on her back... could it be possibly worse?

aDDicteD1830d ago

Another post apocalyptic movie that is not in the list is Terminator.