Bradley Cooper Signs On For 'Jane Got A Gun'

The news has not been good of late for troubled Western drama Jane Got A Gun. Its casting issues looked to be behind it, but then director Lynne Ramsay left the film without warning on the first day of shooting after clashing with the producer. Warrior’s Gavin O’Connor stepped into wield the megaphone, with word today that Bradley Cooper has agreed to sign on as the villain.

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aDDicteD1891d ago

a movie starring bradley cooper and natalie portman looks good on paper. but it is hard to perceive bradley as a bad guy in a western movie because we always are used to see him nowadays as a good guy, i think its to early for him switching sides since he is still currently at the peak of his prime and should get all the good guy roles to solidify his leading man status. but nevertheless it will be entertaining.