Trish Stratus Makes A Surprising Announcement

Hall of Fame Class of 2013, 7 Time Woman's Champion, fitness model, actress, and first ever Diva of the Decade award winner are just a few of the accomplishments under Trish Stratus' belt. But in September she plans to add another! Find out what it is in our story!

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gamerlive1904d ago

Trish Stratus was always entertaining in the ring.

Hergula1904d ago

She looks stunning and back in her WWE days, she was the best of the best when it came to female wrestlers... Til this day I think she is the best female wrestler in the game.

creHEARTive1904d ago

The matches with her, Lita, and Victoria are classics. I hope Lita and Victoria get inducted one day as well along with Jackie, Terri, and Sable.

aDDicteD1900d ago

Indeed, her matches are great and memorable. very few diva can really make a great match as well as an entertaining storyline rivalry leading up to those match.

aDDicteD1904d ago

congratulations to trish stratus, one of the finest divas in the wwe, very entertaining and makes me miss the wwe a decade ago it was more fun.

Arcee1904d ago

Wow, congrats to a great woman and one hell of a terrific athlete and performer. She deserved to be Diva of the Decade, she deserves the Hall of Fame induction, and she deserves all the happiness she has. She was one of the best and nicest people to talk to backstage when meeting the WWE locker room and is a great person overall who really appreciates the love and support her fans have given her over the years.

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