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Aaron Ploof from Sticky Shoe Review:

"Evil Dead is fantastic. It’s smart, it’s scary, it’s original, and it has guts. Lots and lots of bloody, gory guts. Anybody who considers themselves fans of the original needs to see this movie, anyone who’s new the series needs to do so as well."

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Hergula1341d ago

Man thats a high score

AaronBaron1339d ago

It deserves it. The acting, screenplay, and cinematography are all solid. Best horror film I've seen in years.

Hergula1339d ago

Good to know, I have not yet seen it though.

Crazay1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

That's onbe hell of a high score for a horror movie. WIll hold onto any overly high expectations notions until i see it for myself though.

AaronBaron1339d ago

It's defiintely always best to do that.

Sahil1337d ago

This film was awesome! It was missing some little things that would've made it outstanding but still a must watch

aDDicteD1336d ago

good to know its getting a good critical response. it was an amazing horror remake.