Top 23 Most Soul Sucking Moments In Evil Dead

Look around. Can you sense it? Like your filthy soul, the smell of blood-soaked chainsaws and flesh-bound books permeates the air. There is something in the woods. Coming. And that something is the juicy new remake of a 1981 cult classic. Produced by the original horror visionaries Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert, this newest chapter in the Deadite Saga is just as much a sequel as a remake. Fede Alvarez’s newest iteration is gory, gruesome, gratuitous and, most of all…groovy.

So groovy that its most disgusting and exhilarating moments can proudly unspool on the branches beside the original trilogy. But which film has the most wickedly naughty (and awesome) moments? Which makes us simply want to hail to its might? We at Den of Geek have decided to revisit all those glorious events that just make our souls yearn to be sucked dry. So strap on a metal hand, rev up the Classic’s engine and pull out your trusty Necronomicon. We’re headed for the fruit cellar.

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aDDicteD1869d ago

i just re watched the original evil dead on netflix and i was surprised i forgot how many soul sucking moments it had. among the bizarre things i really found originaly scary were: the light bulb that has blood, the pencil stab and the infamous woods scene.