WWE Superstar Kane Discusses Team Hell No And Wrestlemania 29 | GamerHub.TV Interview

From setting people on fire to winning the World Championship, WWE Superstar Kane has done it all in the WWE. Even though Kane has been to hell and back (literally) he is still as passionate as ever about the WWE and getting the opprotunity to perform on the "Grandest Stage Of Them All" Wrestlemania. Read below to find out how the Devil's Favorite Demon feels about being part of Team Hell No as well as performing at the "Showcase Of The Immortals" this Sunday at Wrestlamnia 29.

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Magnagamer2221782d ago

Looking forward to Wrestlemania XXIX. Just came back from the fan Axxess and it was alot of fun.

creHEARTive1782d ago

I definitely plan to attend Wrestlemania 30 Weekend next year.

gamerlive1782d ago

There's nothing like Wrestlemania for entertainment value.

Sahil1780d ago

Yeah, but it's missing Mr.Entertainment.


Hergula1781d ago

While wrestling has gone downhill the past 5-6 years, I still watch Wrestlemania...

creHEARTive1781d ago

I support Wrestlemania every year.

Hergula1780d ago

They always put on a good show as well.

Sahil1780d ago

Only Pay-per-view worth watching and that's also going slowly downhill.

aDDicteD1780d ago

same here, I watch Wrestlemania cause the matches delivers well. wrestlemania and royal rumble are the only ppv that is still entertaining.

Hergula1779d ago

I completely agree, other ppv´s are barely interesting, yet Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania always deliver.

aDDicteD1780d ago

cant wait for wrestlemania to start, this is the grandest stage for wrestling entertainment, a lot of great matches like triple h vs lesnar, undertaker vs punk, the overhyped rock vs cena 2 (the first match didnt live up), but i think team hell no vs ziggler and his partner might be one of the best undercard match.

aDDicteD1780d ago

wwe is grooming him to be their star in the coming years and his matches are really good quality wise.