Why Jurassic Park Is The Perfect 3D Re-Release

The Guardian: ''It's incredibly easy to see the appeal of Jurassic Park's 3D rerelease – scheduled, in the UK, for August. Twenty years have passed since the film first hit cinemas, so now is the perfect time for a commemoration. What's more, the movie came out in the 1990s, a period so painfully in vogue that Buzzfeed cannot stop telling you why it was brilliant 30 times every day. And don't forget that Jurassic Park IV is supposedly a year away, so this is the perfect opportunity to persuade audiences that 3D dinosaurs aren't as naff as they sound.

All bases are covered. Nostalgists, completists, newcomers, people willing to shell out to sit in the dark and get a headache so they can see what the raptor jumping up at the air vent looks like in 3D – all will have something to gain from the revamp. If ever one movie deserved to be rereleased in 3D, it's Jurassic Park.''

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aDDicteD1900d ago

why is it a perfect 3D re release, its simple, it has tons of iconic scenes that will mesmerize you in 3D and the experience is much much appreciated.

Sahil1897d ago

Look how real the Dinosaurs look. Especially for 20 years ago! These graphics still top most CGI movies today!