Roger Ebert: 15 Of His Finest Put-Downs

Legendary film critic Roger Ebert passed away yesterday. To honour the great man, WOW247 takes a look at 15 of his greatest movie put-downs.

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ajax171874d ago

Lol @ the review of North

Hergula1873d ago

Roger Ebert has always been an inspiration on how to review and give real opinions without nonsence.


aDDicteD1873d ago

i agree with most of his let downs, disagree with several, but being a critic is more on your own genuine assessment people cannot persuade you as much as you want to get persuaded. some comments he made were truthfully funny.

Sahil1865d ago

R.I.P. Roger Ebert it is time for you to rest from cancer, Cancer really sucks for doing this to you. You were an intelligent and brave film critic. I will miss your reviews! :(