Review: Evil Dead (Comics and Cosplay)

C&C's Jared Baxter takes a look at the Evil Dead remake:

"Remakes are one of those things that you shouldn’t do unless you’re going to do it right. A bad remake fails to add anything of significance to the material; it just cashes in on a known property or beloved franchise because it’s easier to tap into something established than to come up with something original. Thankfully, director Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead–his first feature film–not only honors its source material, but also does enough to stand apart and provide a new engaging experience of the brutal, blood-splattering sort."

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aDDicteD1896d ago

i just watched the evil dead in theaters and on reading this article i felt it was exactly how i analyzed it. i dont know also if this film will be remembered as much as sam raimis original but i think this remake deserves to be credited as a great remake like dawn of the dead and other remakes that might have surpass the original. for me it is arguably better overall but the original has one edge and that is bruce campbell, removing him is like removing harrison ford in star wars.