Matthew McConaughey Confirms he Will Star in Interstellar

Deadline: Here’s an intriguing casting possibility to chew on going into the holiday weekend. I’m told Christopher Nolan has offered the male lead of his next film, Interstellar, to Matthew McConaughey. The character’s name is Cooper and while there is no deal yet, who says no to Nolan?

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StarWarsFan1843d ago

A very different role for Matthew McConaughey. I'm optimistic though. I'm glad he's trying something different.

aDDicteD1841d ago

"interstellar", the title itself has already a positive vibe, i am really into nolan movies, it has class, and the right amount of art and action. this project will really solidify mcconaughey who already made a comeback impact in magic mike.

Sahil1841d ago

Well, I guess it's happening. Very interesting choice by Nolan. Can't say I was particularly fond of McConaughey in the past, but he was pretty damn convincing in Lincoln Lawyer. Plus, you'd have to be a complete nutcase to doubt Nolan's judgement at this point. Look at how Anne Hathaway was frowned upon (just like Heath Ledger) for only starring in rom-coms, yet look where she is now. This is the perfect chance for McConaughey to up his game for years to come.