Roger Ebert Dies at 70 After Battle with Cancer

The Chicago Sun-Times, the publication for which Roger Ebert wrote for 46 years, has announced that the most iconic film critic around has passed away.

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Derekvinyard131906d ago

RIP loved this guys reviews, read them every single week really sad to see him go.

Sahil1905d ago

His reviews were always the first I would read.

ShadowPraxis1906d ago

Honestly, a huge loss to the industry :/

coolbeans1906d ago

There's really no other critic I held as high as Ebert. Regardless of petty disagreements in grades of movies, he always displayed a great love for the medium.

ajax171906d ago

I honestly don't know who I am going to have as a go-to critic now. I guess Richard Roeper.

Hergula1905d ago

Roger Ebert was a brilliant critic, he was direct and right to the point.

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The story is too old to be commented.