Justin Lin Won't Direct 'Fast & Furious 7'

THR Heat Vision:
Universal’s Fast and Furious franchise will be continuing without Justin Lin.

The director informed studio execs late Wednesday that he will not be returning for the seventh installment of the long-running and profitable movie series. Lin has been the franchise’s director since the third installment, 2006’s The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, helming four Fast movies, with the latest one, Fast & Furious 6, due to open May 24.

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DarkBlood1847d ago

oh? i thought it was being filmed back to back i guess not.

RetrospectRealm1847d ago

Damn. He was a pretty good director for these kind of movies too. The only thing bad about the movies (except for Tokyo Drift) was the writing.

ironfist921847d ago

Tokya Drift was alright as a stand alone film, but not as a F&F film. Fast 4 was forgettable, but Fast Five was the best.

aDDicteD1844d ago

to be honest only fast and furious and fast five were the only 2 i liked in the franchise. the news that he wont return in the seventh seems like they already squeezed everything they have left in 6 and what else would there be in case their is a 7th, i dont like that they are forcefully extending the franchise for profit i hope part 6 will be the last and they put a good closure to it.