New Trailer Released For 'The Great Gatsby'


The new trailer for 'The Great Gatsby' is not only visually stunning but it features all new music by Beyoncé x André 3000, Lana Del Rey, and Florence + The Machine.

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Hergula1808d ago

Im looking forward to this film, mainly because Leo.

Derekvinyard131808d ago

Same excellent actor, shame he hasn't got an Oscar yet

Hergula1808d ago

Agreed. I hope that he gets one soon, he deserves it.

Genki1807d ago

An Academy Award is hardly any sort of meaningful measure of an actor's worth. The entire show is an abomination.

He doesn't need a gold statue for us to understand that he's one of the best of our time.

aDDicteD1797d ago

he had a good chance of winning it in blood diamond. i hope he would get an oscar someday and i know he is itching to have one at this point. its sad that he did not even get a nod as a nominee in django unchained for best supporting actor.

Crazay1801d ago

Leo is an incredible actor...possible one of the best my generation has to offer but this movie does NOTHING for me. I was unfortunate to have to read Gatsby in high school and it was horrendously boring.

Hergula1801d ago

Well the book might be boring, the movie seems rather intriguing.

RetrospectRealm1807d ago

Looks like this is going to be GREAT.

Sahil1807d ago

Beyonce's voice sound so seductive in this Back to Black cover...can't wait to hear the whole thing with Andre 3000. Florence and Lana sound beautiful.

StarWarsFan1806d ago

As always with Baz Luhrmann, it looks pretty.

aDDicteD1805d ago

this trailer is better than the previous one because of beyonce's song matches the movie's tone perfectly.